With these ingredients you will get warmth in cold weather

Thursday 24 March 2022 4:00 pm – A soup heats up and is so pleasant to enjoy in the winter season! To make it a full meal version, it must provide specific nutrients. Here are my recommendations for the ideal combinations to come up with a nutritious meal that won’t leave you hungry.

In short :

  • Abundance of various vegetables;
  • With complex carbohydrates;
  • Presence of proteins;
  • At least 350 calories.


In winter, nothing warms the body (and the soul, let’s face it!) More than a good broth that you take the time to sip. Vegetables, chicken, beef, pho or others, the choice of broths at the supermarket is vast. We select a broth without salt or, at least, reduced in sodium. Even better, we prepare it at home. Perfect to reduce food waste as much as possible, the vegetable broth is prepared in a simple way and with the vegetables available.


If chicken or beef remains classics, shrimp, tofu, edamame and even eggs find their delicious place in a comforting soup. What serving of these foods should we include in our recipe for a satisfying soup that contains at least 20g of protein?

  • Meat, fish and seafood = about 100 g
  • Legumes = about 175 ml (¾ cup)
  • Tofu = about 100 g
  • Eggs = 2 large eggs


Fresh or frozen, the vegetables are a duty ! Few calories and so nutritious add color and texture to the meal. The soup is a great way to meet the recommended daily servings of vegetables. Kale, snow or gourmet peas, Chinese cabbage, corn, colorful peppers… There is no shortage of choice! Do you want to make a cheaper soup with local products? Use winter vegetables: carrots, parsnips, beets, cabbage and potatoes.

Cereal products

Grain products are sources of carbohydrates, and carbohydrates are the main source of fuel for the body. To be active and energetic in the cold season, carbohydrates are therefore necessary. Do not try to eliminate them, but consume them according to your needs. They are preferred based on whole grains to maximize their overall health benefits. Wholemeal pasta, wholemeal couscous, quinoa, brown or wild rice, brown rice noodles, let yourself be tempted! Are these not available? It does not matter ! Pair your soup with whole wheat crackers!

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