What vegetables to plant in April directly into the ground from seeds for harvesting in June

The Ice Saints aren’t gone yet. If you don’t have a greenhouse that protects your plants from frost, don’t rush to take them out into the garden – it would be dangerous. We are in the second half of April, but the weather is variable. So don’t risk your recently leafy stems and be patient for at least another three weeks. On the one hand you have little time, on the other you fear losses. What to do then? Which vegetables to plant in April that will be harvested in June? The answer in the article below!

What vegetables to plant in April so as not to look lazy?

which vegetables to plant in April good harvest June July autumn

Despite the cold that still does not leave us, the ground has warmed a few degrees. Remember the few sunny days and snowfalls whose tablecloth managed to save the heat. What vegetables to plant in April from seeds? You absolutely must have 9 in your garden! Take note !

Which vegetables to plant in April directly in the ground? – beet

which vegetables to plant in April seeds sown centimeters apart

High in fiber and potassium and low in calories, beets are just one of the best vegetables around. Whether for improving your fitness or for a purifying detox, beetroot juice is incredible. Even better, the vegetable is easy to grow!

what vegetables to plant in April low-calorie potassium beets

The seeds must be sown 3 cm deep and spaced apart until they reach about 8 cm. Beets can be grown just as easily indoors as they are outdoors. If you are growing them in a pot, make sure the plant has a foot deep under it to grow. However, you will harvest them when they are a little larger than golf balls, around 40-80 days of growth for optimal flavor.

green onions

what vegetables to plant in April easy-to-grow onions cut off the green top

Just like beets, onions are one of the easiest vegetables to grow, both indoors and outdoors. Green onions are low in calories and contain lots of vitamins A and C, as well as great flavor. To start growing your green onions, place the root of the vegetable with the root side facing down and with the green stem sticking out of the soil. After planting the green onions in a 6 ” deep pot, you just need time and water. You will see the green stem start growing, just cut what you need and continue watering. Be careful not to prune the stem too low from the bulb, otherwise you could kill the crop. Check out our lamb Easter recipes where red and green onion provide a special flavor.


vegetables to plant in April abundant harvest mid-June peas arrange climb terrace

If you missed planting peas in October, you haven’t lost anything. You have a second chance to successfully harvest them 5. It is incomprehensible why this green vegetable is hated by some! Of course, they didn’t taste the pea soup, which was refreshing and delicious.

which vegetables to plant in April sowing periods October April peas

Sow the seeds about 3cm deep in a 8 to 10cm deep pot filled with moist soil. For successful growth, keep the soil moist throughout the duration of indoor growing and make sure the plant is kept between 12 and 20 degrees C. Once the plant has sprouted 3-4 leaves, you can start hardening and preparing it for the transplant. You will have a bountiful harvest in mid-June if the peas have a terrace to climb on.

Vegetables for planting in April from carrot seeds determine square rectangle garden place

Determine a spot in your garden that should be in the shape of a square or rectangle. Weed if necessary and dig up the soil. Sprinkle the seeds and cover them with earth. When they grow, it is necessary to thin out so that the carrots grow freely. You can enjoy it by repeating the spring recipes.

Vegetables for planting in April from seedlings: tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers

vegetables to plant in April from seeds from seedlings tomatoes eggplant cucumbers

We said it at the beginning: beware of vegetables that must be transplanted outdoors. If in March you have grown them indoors, in pots, you can take them outside, but provided that the forecast does not announce frosts.

vegetables to be planted in April from the seedlings wait for frozen seedlings released

Otherwise, it is useless and your previous efforts will be in vain.

vegetables to be planted in April from seedlings in case of frost wasted effort loss of seedlings