Jimmy Brings, State of Origin, Liam Martin, Felise Kaufusi, Lindsay Collins, Justin Holbrook, Wayne Bennett vs Russell Crowe

If the Queensland Maroons want to find the largest breed in the State of Origin, they may want to look a little closer to home. Meanwhile, the dismissal of the Titans’ high-performance manager, Clint Hoar, put pressure on Gold Coast coach Justin Holbrooke. Read below for all the latest NRL news on Jimmy Brings. Watch … Read more

Jack Ginnivan Isaac Quaynor: Collingwood players’ behavior comes as no surprise to Gen Z men

Two AFL stars who were forced to delete a video on social media where they rated women out of 10 have been flogged. People were shocked when two Collingwood AFL players made headlines for a TikTok video with the couple evaluating hypothetical women. The thing is, Gen Z believes that’s not a shock to men. … Read more

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