The son of the twin Ingham Joanne learned about the death of his mom in Wellington at the motel in the news

New ZealandUPDATED June 23, 2022 3:34 a.m.4 minutes to read Joanne Ingham, left, pictured with her sister Sarah. Joanne Ingham’s son, who along with her sister Sarah conquered the nation after jumping into the sea from a Malaysian container ship, learned of his mother’s unexplained death at the motel on the news. Shayden Ingham, 21, … Read more

Paula Stafford, the iconic Gold Coast designer who brought the bikini to Australia, has died at the age of 102.

Gold Coast’s iconic fashion designer Paula Stafford, who introduced the bikini to Australia, has died at the age of 102. Basic points: Born in 1920, Stafford studied mathematics, chemistry and physics at the Melbourne Girls Grammar. He introduced the bikini to Australia when the design was still controversial Stafford bikini became synonymous with the Gold … Read more

Baltimore linebacker Jaylon Ferguson dies as NFL horror year continues

Baltimore Ravens lineback Jaylon Ferguson has died at the age of 26. Basic points: Ceylon Ferguson had played three seasons in Baltimore after scoring a record in college football. Tony Siragusa, Super Bowl winner for Baltimore, dies the same day The NFL has seen many high-profile deaths in the last 12 months, including Marion Barber … Read more

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