Parties in Villardonnel: that’s where the good soup is!

Prepare a soup, prepare it with love or more simply, introduce it to the locals, savor it and finally decide which is the best : this is the path to make sense of the gathering of the country’s gastronomes.

Here, no organizer, the organizers had decided, like one of them, Jean-Marc, who enjoyed (unofficially) presenting this second soup festival to the crowd of tasters who have just come to enjoy a gourmet dish.

It’s fun, they’ve decided, symbolic and festive around the unifying theme of soup, popular or not. With family or friends, the organizers invited everyone to invent, then offer a soup to be tasted by the spectators who flocked to the town hall square. It was this past Saturday at lunchtime.

A tasting among the ten soups proposed, including the soup of grimaces and the fish or vegetable soup ; a choice had to be made that every gourmet had to classify. A golden ladle as a reward and for the neighbors to visually enjoy this prestigious trophy, it was mandatory to display it in front of the winner’s house. This reward remains the property of the winner for one year, and will be put into play next year. And, as everything takes place in a good mood and with all cordiality, this event ended with a friendly drink and a packed lunch.