Lodévois: successful return for the Mondial de la Soup

On Sunday 17 April, the members of the new committee of the La Vacquerie-et-Saint-Martin-de-Castries festival, chaired by Manu, rejoiced at the results of the eighth edition of the Mondial de la soup.

At 7pm, 15 competitors sat down in front of their jars and the tasting began. We could talk about global since there was a Cambodian soup offered by Anaïs!

In a friendly atmosphere, for two hours, 182 people tasted the drinks and took part in the vote. Then, Secretary Patrick, microphone in hand, gave the results.

182 tasters-electors

Third place for Thierry with a cheese soup. Second for Jean, a formidable competitor, with a despised vegetable soup. “Because it is associated with particularly sad historical periods”, as for rutabaga, Jerusalem artichoke, golden turnip meatballs, explained the person concerned. Eventually, it achieved great success.

Finally, Martine was declared the winner with her succulent cream of escarole with garlic and parmesan, thus obtaining a second vote. Committee members were very happy with the participation at a time when soup is less popular.

They want to revitalize the country after the constraints of the health crisis, with the help of the very cooperative municipality. For the July party they hope to strengthen young people.

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