How to reduce your shopping bill? The best tricks of the team

Faced with this new reality that is cutting our wallets, we started a discussion at KO Media to share tips and tricks for saving at the supermarket. Here they are.

Tammy Hurteau, Cross-platform Project Manager

His recommendations: Large formats, play Tetris and discover Smart-fresh

“For my part, I don’t buy too much at once to force myself to spend my leftovers. I buy meat in special and / or large format that I freeze directly in small pre-portioned packs. Also, I classify my fridge by always putting everything in the same place, so it never surprises you to find something 2-3 weeks later in the depths! (And I admit it … I love making my own Tetris refrigerator!) Finally, I recently adopted Tupperware’s popular Smart-fresh containers to keep fruits and vegetables longer! It really works! “


Sandrine Dahan, Senior Sales Director

Another FrigoSmart fan!

“I bought FridgeSmarts from Tupperware. I cut the vegetables with them and store them. Parsley and cilantro, among others, last a very long time.

Emmanuelle Giasson, Strategy and Business Development Director

His advice: leftovers for lunch and applications

“The leftovers from midweek dinners are my children’s lunches. As for savings, the IGA and Metro apps provide quick access to what’s on sale. Very convenient!”

Laurie Dupont, Head of Content Culture and Reporting | VÉRO and ELLE Quebec magazine

His advice: make discounts, stop eating meat and “touski” meals.

“My God! Want a lesson from my financial analyst AKA the love of my life? It goes to two grocery stores every week and compares the discounts. It comes with all its apps ready to get the lowest priced items on Maxi. It’s a warrior economy (and it amuses him!) We also have an expense where he puts what he buys (double or triple) when he is on special. Worst deal we often eat there! Do not buy only on specials to buy! Also, since we no longer eat meat, it is obvious that the bill at the cashier is less salty. So our best thing not to waste is to be able to have the fridge and make a famous “touski” with the ingredients that will soon give up the ghost: omelettes with already cooked vegetables, bowls with a leftover rice and salmon cooked the night before, and so on. “

Alexandra Papineau, Director, Customer Content and Strategy

His advice: everything turns into soup!

“I make a soup with most of my leftover vegetables, pasta, rice, etc. It is always good and quite healthy! “

Mariève Lemay, National Sales Director

His advice: app

“The FoodHero app has been my best friend since last July. I have saved around $ 1000 since I started using it. Reebee is also an app I like to plan my shopping based on flyer discounts.

Lyne Pelchat, accounting technician

His advice: Planning, the vegetable garden and a passion for flogging

“I plan most of my menus before I go shopping and when I can I take a few hours to prepare some meals in advance and jump in the freezer! I don’t do ten grocery stores to handle discounts. Instead, I tailor my menu based on discounts at my favorite grocery stores. During the summer I visit fruit and vegetable stalls, sometimes even farms. The products are much fresher and keep longer than in the supermarket. By planning my meals, I was able to cut waste by more than half. This summer I will have a large vegetable garden and at harvest time I will do the flogging “.

Julie Mathieu, Head of Digital Content | VERO magazine

His recommendations: The Monday grocery, the tuna “stick” and his mother

“I buy the vegetables that are on specials and from there I design my recipes. Otherwise I often buy meat, fish and poultry at a reduced price and put them in the freezer! I like to go to the supermarket on Mondays. This is where I find my little special fun! Otherwise minced pork, tofu, legumes and “tite-cane” tuna are my friends! Ah! And my mom gives me A LOT of food when I visit her, even though I’m 32! You help me tremendously in reducing my grocery bill! “

Marie-Andrée Picotte, Marketing and Distribution Director

His recommendations: Another fan of the tuna “tite-cane”!

“I also prefer ground pork, tofu, legumes and tuna ‘tite-cane’! I also try to empty the fridge as much as possible before going back to shopping. I love soups, salads and sautéed” touski ” I also have a great passion for Costco smoothie salads to which I add a cheap protein (tofu or chickpeas). It makes meals healthy, quick and very, very affordable! “

Gaby Beaudoin, Project Manager Marketing and Distribution

His recommendations: neighborhood greengrocers, grilled cheese and soups

“My thing is to do about 90% of my purchases in neighborhood greengrocers rather than large grocery chains. Prices are almost 50% less! Otherwise I plan a great recipe or two for the week, and for the rest I invent what is left as ingredients. (I often dine on grilled cheese too!) If it weren’t for the anti-waste stuff, I’m a huge fan of soups and salads of all kinds. I manage not to throw away almost anything!

Théo Dupuis-Carbonneau, Beauty Content Manager | ELLE Quebec and ELLE Canada

His advice: cook a lot, recipe books and legumes

“Cooking a lot helps me reduce my grocery bill. Having access to beautiful cookbooks allows you to have a fairly large “library” of flavors in mind and allows you to be creative with leftovers! We hardly eat meat at home. I prefer the taste and price of legumes and tofu! “

Cindy Laverdière, Digital Content Manager | Josee di Stasio

Her recommendations: Cook It, TikTok tomato and feta pasta and mother-in-law!

“Here, to save time (especially!), I opt for Cook It’s ready-to-cook / ready-to-eat formula. So I fill three meals a week which I complete with salads and raw organic vegetables. Anti-waste advice if I see my cherry tomatoes becoming soft: I send them in the oven with feta, garlic and olive oil and I prepare the famous easy TikTok sauce! I also cook a few quick meals for the remaining days of the week and sometimes have a few meals courtesy of my mother-in-law! Last tip to save … NEVER FEED WITH AN EMPTY STOMACH.

Joanie Pietracupa, managing editor | VÉRO, ELLE Quebec and ELLE Canada magazine

His recommendations: The PA supermarket, the various recipes that include the same ingredients and the “touski” smoothies.

“I mainly shop at the PA, on Parc Avenue. The prices are at least half cheaper and the products are really beautiful! On Sundays, I look for recipes for the week that include the same ingredients to minimize waste. Also, I’m no worse off substituting expensive ingredients like an exotic vegetable or a fine herb. My girlfriend is the queen of soups and “touski” smoothies.

Do you have any advice on your side to share? If so, comment on this post!

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