Coached by Tom Brady – The team

For 2 servings. Preparation time: 30 minutes.

Thai seasoning
– 2.5 cm of fresh ginger, sliced
– 2 cloves of garlic – 1/4 teaspoon of Chinese spice powder
– 1 tablespoon of organic maple syrup – 2 tablespoons of fish sauce
– 80 ml of freshly squeezed lime juice
– Thai or Serrano pepper or Cayenne pepper

– Beef fillets (115 g each) reared on pasture
– 1/2 tablespoon of organic avocado oil
– 1 teaspoon of Chinese spice powder
– Himalayan salt and ground black pepper

– 100 g of broccoli salad or a normal salad mix
– 2 or 3 shallots, chopped
– 1/2 cucumber without seeds
– 1 bunch of coriander (leaves and stems)
– Mint leaves
– Thai or regular basil leaves
– 75 g of cherry tomatoes or round
– 2 tablespoons of roasted cashew nuts

Put all the ingredients for the dressing in a blender and whisk until smooth. You can decline this recipe according to your savory / sweet preferences using lime juice and fish sauce. Preheat a skillet over medium heat, then lightly brush the meat with oil and sprinkle with the powdered spices, salt and pepper, all evenly.

Pour the oil into the pan and turn it so that it is evenly distributed over the entire surface, then brown the meat for 3-4 minutes on each side. Then let the meat sit out of the pan for at least 5 minutes before slicing it. Put all the ingredients, except the cashews, in a salad bowl and mix with the vinaigrette. Cut the beef into thin slices (against the grain) and add it to the salad. Mix and divide the salad into two bowls and garnish with the chopped cashews.

The TB 12 method, how to do what you love, better and longerby Tom Brady, Talent Sport Editions, 307 pages, € 27.90.