All canned vegetables or individually for the cheapest soup?

Luana went to 3 supermarkets: Delhaize, Match and Lidl. Do you think the boxes are cheaper or more expensive than the single ingredients?

  1. First, head to Match, where he buys a tin of ratatouille soup. It needs several ingredients. Zucchini, eggplant, peppers, tomato, onion and garlic. After you’ve done your little market, go to the cashier to find out how much the box costs. Price of the box: 5 € (4.99 €). Price of ingredients per unit: € 7.65 (€ 7.64). La box costs less than € 2.65. At the shop, they round up the cents at the checkout, but Luana puts up the price tag every time.

2. Then go to Delhaize. This time, for the carrot / sweet potato soup box, Luana searches for all the ingredients listed on the box. Once he’s put it all together, go to the cashier. And the individual ingredients. The box costs € 1.38 less.

3. And finally, I’m on my way to the Lidl to buy my last can of carrot and butter soup. I also buy the ingredients I need. And then, go to the cashier to find out the price of the box: € 3.50 (€ 3.49) And the individual ingredients: € 5.08; therefore , € 1.59 less for the box.