The bloodhound trumpet was crowned overall winner of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

A hound named Trumpet won the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

The trumpet won a French Bulldog, a German Shepherd, a Maltese, an English Setter, a Samoyed and a Lakeland Terrier to win the Best in Show trophy.

“I’m so excited about Trumpet,” said Heather Helmer, co-owner and co-owner of the four-year-old.

The trumpet became the first hound to win the Westminster show.

Winston, a French bulldog, co-owner of NFL defender Morgan Fox, took second place in the country’s most famous dog show.


The competition brought together more than 3,000 purebred dogs, from affenpinschers to Yorkshire terriers. The goal is to crown the dog that best represents the ideal for his breed.

Usually held in the winter at Madison Square Garden in New York, the show was moved to the Lyndhurst suburb last year and this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Westminster is often described as the Super Bowl of American dog shows, and Winston set out to do so for Fox, a defensive lineman just signed by the Los Angeles Chargers and playing for the Los Angeles Rams and Carolina Panthers.

Ahead of the finals, Fox said he was “ecstatic” when Winston got there.

“He’s basically a superstar,” Fox said.

The dog came from his grandmother, Sandy Fox, who has been raising and showing Frenchies for years.

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The head of a large dog with fur on long laces like dreadlocks.
A Hungarian commodore competes in the working group. (AP: Frank Franklin II)

Morgan Fox grew up with one and said, as he watched Winston mature, he knew the dog was a winner in both appearance and character.

“I’m glad it’s close,” Fox said.

“He always walks with as much smile on his face as a dog can have.”

Winston faced Striker, a Samoyed who also made it to the finals last year. River, a great winning German Shepherd. and finally Trumpet Champion, who came from the 2014 winner of another great show, the National Thanksgiving National Dog Show.


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