Prosecutors are seeking 30 years in prison

Maxwell’s appearance at the trial proved that these allegations were false, prosecutors said, adding: “The accused is perfectly healthy, with full hair.”

Maxwell was said to have “enjoyed remarkable privileges as a high-profile detainee far exceeding the benefits provided to the average detainee.” It is not surprising that a woman who has lived a life of incredible luxury should complain about her life as a prisoner, but this fact is not worth the leniency in sentencing, let alone the exceptional degree of leniency sought by the accused. ».

Prosecutors also attacked claims by Maxwell’s lawyers that he had suffered “a credible death threat” in prison, saying an internal investigation into the alleged threat revealed that a inmate had noticed someone passing something on: “I would have killed her if someone had paid me. a million dollars. ” As a result, they said, someone who heard the remark reported it and the inmate was removed from the residence.


They also cited what they described as “Maxwell’s complete failure to address her abusive behavior and utter lack of remorse. “Instead of showing even a hint of acceptance of responsibility, the accused is making a desperate attempt to throw the responsibility wherever he can.”

Maxwell’s efforts to challenge the government’s motives for prosecuting her and claiming responsibility for Epstein’s crimes are “absurd and offensive,” prosecutors said.

“Maxwell was an adult who made her own choices. He chose to sexually exploit many underage girls. “He made the choice to conspire with Epstein for years, working as a partner in crime and causing catastrophic damage to vulnerable victims,” ​​they said.

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Prosecutors said nearly all of the $ 22.5 million ($ 32.6 million) assets that Maxwell claimed in a never-before-offered bail offer were given to her by Epstein.

“The accused’s access to wealth enabled her to present herself as a supposedly respected member of society, shrugging her shoulders with rights, presidents and celebrities. “This same wealth dazzled the girls from the warring families who became the accused and the victims of Epstein,” prosecutors said.

The sentencing also included excerpts from letters written to the judge by women who testified during the trial, including Kate, a former British model who said: “The consequences of what Ghislaine Maxwell did were far-reaching for me. ».

“I have struggled and finally triumphed over substance abuse. I have suffered panic attacks and night terrors, with which I am still struggling. I have suffered from low self-esteem, loss of career opportunities. “I have struggled a lot with feeling that I can not trust my own instincts in choosing romantic relationships,” he wrote.


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