Man snatches stolen $ 578,000 Rolls-Royce at Staten Island

Thieves broke into a home and drove away in a $ 578,000 Rolls-Royce – until it was spotted by its owner, according to police.

Burglars broke into a luxury home in New York, smashed car keys and fled in a $ 400,000 ($ 578,500) Rolls-Royce cabrio – until their owner beat them in their own game, according to police.

The expensive-minded swindlers threw a rock out of the first-floor window of the luxury home in the Lighthouse Hill neighborhood of Staten Island around 4 a.m. Sunday, June 12, and then snatched the car keys, according to the city police department. New York. (NYPD).

The owner of the home, identified only as John, 38, woke up to an alarm and caught a glimpse of the robbers who left in a hurry with the 2017 Rolls-Royce Dawn convertible sedan, he told Staten Island Advance.

“I was down in a matter of seconds as they got off the road,” said John, who lives near Saint George Road and Lighthouse. New York Post References.

After ascertaining that his family was safe, the homeowner connected to a computer and used the built-in luxury tracking device to locate the vehicle in real time as the fraudsters drove to New Jersey.

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He then turned on a remote killing switch – used to turn off the car’s ignition from anywhere – on the computer, blocking out thieves in Newark, New Jersey.

“They are trying to come back [the car] back, but they could not because I turned it off, “said John.

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He then located the square where the thieves left the car and picked it up, he said – adding that he was still shocked by the incident.

“Obviously [my family] “He is a little anxious after everything that has happened,” he said.

Thieves who broke into his home are suspected of a series of recent burglaries and car thefts in high-heeled sections of Staten Island, including three on June 12 and one on Monday, according to police.

In all cases, the perpetrators passed the keys through luxury homes and stole – or attempted to steal – cars parked nearby, according to police.

Footage from Monday’s incident shows two hooded thieves throwing a large rock through the rear sliding glass door of a house on Benedict Street and Callan Avenue before snatching car keys, according to police.

But a resident started shouting and fled empty-handed, police said.

John said he suspected the robbers targeted him after he saw the expensive car on his way and the keys from the window of his house.

“They should have seen the key because of the sitting position and that is why they broke the window,” he said.

Car thefts have risen 114 percent on Staten Island so far this year and 61 percent nationwide since last month.

Law enforcement officials have previously cited Newark-based burglary crews known to use real estate websites to locate the most expensive homes on Staten Island to steal luxury cars.

This article originally appeared in the New York Post and was reproduced with permission

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