Gen Z is bound by nostalgia for the internet

What better way to relive the past than with a classic ’70s song? TikTok’s latest trend is to capture nostalgic childhood memories with an accelerated release of ABBA song “Angeleyes”.

The trend applies to any element of a Gen Z childhood: closed places, old TV shows, celebrities or other aspects of their personal lives (family, friends or pets).

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This TikTok posted by @kendallharrow highlights the city of Wannado. According to Wikipedia, Wannado City was an indoor children’s amusement park in Sunrise, Florida. Children could play roles as if they were working in “adult jobs”, such as grocery store employees, firefighters or hospital staff. The park was permanently closed in 2011.

As images of TikToker memories are played, viewers connect their nostalgic feelings with the lyrics of the ABBA song in the background:

“Sometimes when I’m alone / I sit and think about him / And it hurts me to remember all the good times / When I thought I could never live without him.”

This video shows another TikToker reminiscing about children’s TV shows aired on PBS, e.g. Martha Speaks, Fetch! with Raf Raffman, and The Electric Company.

TikTok users in the comments are happy to see that others have shared similar childhood experiences.

“Yes, no cable gang!” A TikToker commented.

“Finally, I found someone with whom I can relate to WHO REALLY WATCHED PBS CHILDREN!” Another said.

This video shows TikToker @beetlepimpsidepiecee paying tribute to the late actor River Phoenix.

Those who grew up watching Phoenix movies tied their admiration for the actor.

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“River Phoenix would have such a big impact on Hollywood. “I wish he had time,” wrote a TikToker.

“He was my first love Stand by me, “and I was cracked as a child realizing he was already dead,” another commented.

Other TikTokers use ABBA song to reflect on other silly things from the past. is not exactly childhood memories, but they are still things worth remembering.

TikTok user @kingrolluss posted this video to express his appreciation for an old, viral YouTube video: “How animals eat their food.”

“Even the best video ever made,” the caption reads.


This video shows TikToker @ feelthebern511 wondering what it could be like if Pangea were still there.

“Simpler times,” joked a TikToker.

“Only 300,000,000 children BC. they will understand “, someone else remarked.

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