Daisy Pearce and Gerard Whateley are the 5 most interesting teams for Round 15

Daisy Pearce and Gerard Whateley described their five most interesting teams for Round 15.

It’s being the biggest football weekend of the season with four of the top eight clashes.

“I do not think there is a single game that does not entice me,” said Pearce SEN’s Whateley

“I have probably overlooked a couple that will be absolutely rip games.

“It’s more just the teams that have attracted me.”

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The 5 most interesting teams of Daisy Pearce

5. St. Kilda

“There are some things that St Kilda has not done perfectly well, but one thing you can trust is that it is difficult to play against them.

“It was hard not to think that they did not mark this context against Essendon, which was a bit difficult to explain given the importance of the round with Spud’s Match.

“They have a very difficult draw at the back end of the season.

“They will have to win some (against Sydney) if they are to reach the final.”

4. Western Bulldogs

“Obviously they have to keep winning.

“They have the fifth best percentage in the competition, so they are doing quite well and they can shake the finals if they continue to win.

“If they hit their belts, I think it adds to the charm of the season, because it is a quality football team that has no odds so far.”

3. Collingwood

“It’s hard to look at Collingwood.

“Their last month was incredible. They have one of the best record wins-losses against the top eight teams in the tournament and have a great run at home – they only play with the top three 10 teams, let alone in the top eight.

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“They are all ready for the game on the pitch, but they had it this week from hell.”

2. Geelong

“I just think Geelong is stuck in the background.

“If they can stay healthy and continue to improve things in addition to their experience, I think they can become an important player in the second half of the year.

“It’s a great test this weekend against Richmond.”

1. Melbourne

“I always like to see the Dees, but I’m fascinated this weekend.

“The external narrative just three weeks ago was that they may have run to the table and are now trying to avoid a four-game losing streak.

“That in itself is a charm.”

The 5 most interesting teams of Gerard Whateley

5. North Melbourne

“You can’t have a season with a win, you just can’t.

“Hobart vs. the Crows… are honest and tough, but there just has to be a win for North Melbourne on Sunday.”

4. St. Kilda

“I agree with you about St. Kilda and everything you said.

“It was not them last week, so I’m ready to treat it as a derogation.”

3. Richmond

“I went to Saturday’s game on the other side, I went to Richmond.

“Are they retreating to the bottom eight, or are they making an effort to add to the dynasty?”

2. Gold Coast

“Are they ready for that?

“Are they ready to go to Adelaide and face Port, who is limited but honest?

“There is a lot they have done right, are they mature enough for that?

“It intrigues me to know.”

1. Melbourne

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“I think Melbourne is clearly the most interesting team.

“A month ago, he was the favorite with the lowest price at the beginning of the season we had ever seen.

“If they can’t beat Brisbane at MCG tonight at the top of the table, they can no longer be favorites in the premiere.

“I fully expect them to return to the feet we know they are capable of doing, but I’m interested to see if they do.”

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