Because MKR will be different as Nigella Lawson joins Manu on the road trip

Wearing a Melbourne sewing dress and tying hands with Sydney-based chef Manu Feildel, UK’s most famous home cooking queen Nigella Lawson is finally on her way to filming MKR restart.

In the first trailer for what was once Australia’s top cooking show when it premiered in 2010, the “housewife” says she has traveled 17,000 miles to find our best home cooks.

He wants to share food, try everyone’s creations at “wonderful dinners” and have a lot of fun.

With smiling, cheerful contestants wearing color-coded aprons from five states, the first glance at Lawson and Feildel knocking on the doors of suburban homes across the country looks like dinner parties are, well, healthy.

There are no stage thieves as we have seen in previous years, where the contestants looked at each other and gave bad jokes at the table, without quarrels, tears or spilled milk that made the audience change channels.

Above all, said one key industry trust The New Kathimerini, “The energy will be different.”

“Manu is a natural flirt who will find a more than willing partner in Nigella and the road trip will give the show a chance to break the predictable formula that viewers are tired of.

“The fact that both judges are not Australians will work against it MKR – why do these two introductions tell us what to cook and eat? “Or give it the European glow that some viewers think is ambitious.”

And from Manu’s point of view?

It feels like MKR judges, “make the perfect team with our many years of experience in professional and home kitchens, respectively”.

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Back to basics;

Shameless self-promotion for Ballistic Products and a great bargain on a neat little knife for you – the Seven network reports that MKR (previously The rules of my kitchen) will transfer the show “back to the original recipe”.

CEO Seven James Warburton told late last year that he was confident that the show’s redesign, which would remove it from “gossip and buzz”, would be successful.

“It reigned for a decade, people loved it. So we bring it back with a short, steep route. We showed what we can do with The voiceso we are confident it will work, “said Mr Warburton.

“It simply came to my notice then – in my personal opinion – bad guys and gossip and scandals and all that stuff.

“(He had) really extensive dinners. We did 60 episodes, so it was a huge commitment. “

The initiate adds: “Pete Evans was a divisive figure who always seemed restrained and a little accustomed to his smiles at the Mona Lisa.”

“You always felt that the industry’s reputation that he never ate food, but spat it out after taking the flavors in his mouth, could be true.”

When the show aired in 2010, an average of 1.3 million people watched the show every night throughout the season.

The audience peaked in 2014, when an average of 1.7 million people tuned in for the 48-episode series.

In its final season in 2020, 11 years later, the series’ audience plummeted to 500,000 viewers.

nigella Lawson
Nigella Lawson and Manu Feildel prepare to enter someone’s house for dinner. Photo: Seven

Nigella will bring “glamor, sexuality and equality”

Seeing last month turn of the series in Queensland, Lawson will bring femininity to the table.

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The source of our industry compares it with MasterChef ‘The elegant and thoughtful Melissa Leong.

“As Melissa Leong transformed MasterChefHis ratings, having a woman on board – and one who shamelessly uses every “feminine” trick in the slightly hacked book, down to the spoon that licks and drags out the pronunciation of words – brings to the show the coveted glow, sexy and equality.

“I wanted to say diversity, but it’s difficult with two old white judges, so the producers will look at the contestants to bring this through a mix of ages, genders, genders and cultures.”

The New Wales couple who do not yet have a name. Photo: Seven

“Real people who cook real food”

However, as Seven has not yet revealed details about who was chosen to cook, we will have to unpack the 1-minute, 34-second trailer, which was shot entirely in a yacht seaside park with a sunset in the background.

The home cooks selected appear to be from New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia.

Two Queensland women wear pink aprons and cook skewered meat and vegetable cubes on an outdoor Weber BBQ in the sand.

Next? We present the couple from South Australia in red aprons at an outdoor picnic table showing off their chicken and rice dish.

The Western Australian yellow team is obviously a fan of desserts, displaying a chocolate pastry and surrounded by small, beautiful children.

Down in Victoria are the blue aprons – a man holds a whole fish and in a few seconds cooks it on the screen with a garnish.

Last is the New South Wales teal group, a young couple standing next to champagne and a platter of freshly picked fruit.

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As they return to the kitchens of their home, it may be worth spending time MKR files to see the spectacular challenges of days gone by.

Dan and Steph Mulheron won in 2013 with a large audience in the final that reached three million spectators.

At that time, the show took six months to turn and the daily commitment was between 14 and 16 hours.

Their latest dishes included a comb with scallops, squab with chestnuts and gooseberry sauce and lobster with a stack of semolina wafers.

In 2015, Camilla and Ash served a tartar steak with quail eggs and crostoli, followed by an intricate main bouillabaisse with rouge and baguettes at their Melbourne base.

Whatever the culinary skills of this year’s team, Lawson will be enthusiastic, hospitable and diplomatic as she hopes to reveal “valuable family recipes”.

“When you think of the food you love, it is almost always home cooking. I am a home cook and it is the food I want to eat “.

Also participating MKR this season is award-winning food journalist and TV personality Matt Preston, while celebrity chefs Colin Fassnidge and Curtis Stone return as guest judges.

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