Damaged Hair Slideshow of Natural Remedies


Essential oils are a big help if you have dry hair. It can take quite a bit of shampooing to cleanse your hair properly. Try using a mixture of castor oil and grapeseed oil on your scalp to prevent it from drying out. Massage it into your scalp, then leave it in overnight as you sleep. Do not wash out until morning; just run cool water over your head in order to rinse off. You may want to add a few drops of lavender essential oil to your favorite shampoo. Research shows that dry hair responds very well to aromatherapy and its healing properties. Lavender oil is also used in many dandruff shampoos, as it has been shown to be very effective in preventing scalp problems. It’s also easy on sensitive skin, so it won’t irritate your scalp. Damaged Hair 

If you don’t like using oils directly on your scalp, try adding a few drops to your favorite conditioner and massaging it in. Leave it on for a couple of minutes, then rinse out well. The essential oils will penetrate your hair shafts and moisturize them. You can add lavender oil to any conditioner; or mix it with rosemary, rosewood, sweet orange or grapefruit oil. These are also good choices if you have dry hair.


Using henna as a natural dye can help your hair grow faster. Henna, which is made from a plant found in India and Africa, helps to strengthen damaged hair. If you want to use henna for your dry or damaged hair, mix two tablespoons of dried henna powder with two tablespoons of lemon juice and a little black tea powder. Apply it to damp hair and leave it on overnight before rinsing out in the morning. Repeat every week until you have achieved healthy looking hair.

Another natural ingredient you can use to help your dry or damaged hair is aloe vera. Mix equal parts aloe vera juice and coconut oil in a small container and warm it up in a microwave until it’s just barely hot. When you apply it to damp hair, massage it into your scalp and leave it on overnight before rinsing out in the morning. Repeat every week until your hair looks healthier. Massaging will improve blood flow to your scalp, giving your hair more nutrients.

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Two other ingredients you can use to improve your dry or damaged hair are olive oil and onion juice. Mix a half cup of olive oil with a half cup of raw onion juice in a small glass container. Heat it up in your microwave until it’s just barely hot, then apply it to damp hair. You can also add a little tea tree oil and rosemary essential oil for added benefit. Leave it on overnight before rinsing out in the morning and repeat every week until you have healthy looking hair.


If you have brittle, damaged hair that doesn’t respond to regular treatments, honey may be just what you need. Its high sugar content restores moisture and prevents split ends by forming a protective barrier around your hair shafts. To use, simply mix 1 tablespoon with 1/2 cup of water in a plastic spray bottle and shake well. Apply generously to wet hair and allow it to air dry naturally. Repeat as often as needed—the results are instant!


Did you know that honey also works as a fantastic deep conditioner? For best results, apply it just before going to bed. Leave it on overnight and wash out in the morning. Your hair will be soft, shiny, and smooth—just like new!
Non-Animal Oil: Vegetable oils are some of our favorite natural remedies for dry hair because they’re lightweight yet hydrating. Some oils are even rich in antioxidants that help nourish your hair from within.
Experiment with your favorite vegetable oils by applying them generously to wet hair after cleansing. For extra conditioning, let it sit on your hair overnight and rinse in the morning. You’ll be left with shiny, healthy-looking locks that smell as delicious as they look!


The oil found in young coconuts is a rich source of fatty acids, proteins and minerals. These nutrients help repair hair and strengthen it to prevent future damage. Using just a few drops of coconut oil can help prevent brittle strands. Additionally, regularly adding coconut oil to your hair can make it shinier and stronger. Simply massage the mixture into your scalp before shampooing as usual to reap its benefits.

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Another helpful remedy is to mix two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and one teaspoon of honey in a glass. Mixing these ingredients together creates a powerful combination that will repair your damaged hair, seal it to prevent future damage and leave it smooth and shiny.

Mix a teaspoon of fresh and crushed basil leaves with two tablespoons of olive oil. This mixture is best used on dry hair and will help strengthen brittle strands, repair split ends and leave your hair soft and shiny.

Mix a teaspoon of fresh and crushed basil leaves with two tablespoons of olive oil. This mixture is best used on dry hair and will help strengthen brittle strands, repair split ends and leave your hair soft and shiny.

Tea Tree Oil

The oil found in tea tree leaves is one remedy that may help restore hair to a healthy state. Make sure to dilute tea tree oil with an equal amount of water before applying it directly to your scalp, and be cautious if you have sensitive skin, as these oils can irritate skin.

You can also mix 1 cup of water with 5 drops of tea tree oil and apply it to your scalp and hair in order to help restore a healthy shine. As with all remedies, you’ll want to test on a small area before applying it throughout your hair. If you don’t notice any irritation after two days, feel free to continue using it.

If your scalp is itchy and flaky, you may be suffering from seborrheic dermatitis. This condition can lead to dandruff that is more severe than what other people experience. To help reduce symptoms, try mixing a few drops of tea tree oil with some water, then apply it directly to your scalp two times per day. As before, wait at least two days to make sure you don’t have any irritation before using it consistently.

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Shampoo Alternatives

One way to treat dry hair without using harsh shampoos is to use a baking soda rinse. Mix 1 teaspoon baking soda with 4 cups water, and then pour over your head once per week. This will not only cleanse your hair but also make it shiny. Try applying apple cider vinegar (or coconut oil) rinses as well to remove any buildup from shampoos and conditioners, which can cause damage to your scalp and hair follicles over time.

Other alternatives include aloe vera and tea tree oil, both of which can be used to treat dandruff. Just rub some into your scalp and let it sit while you go about your day. You can also combine coconut oil with baking soda in a 50/50 ratio, heat up in a double boiler, and then pour over your head to enjoy soft hair once again.

You can also try soaking your hair in warm water with a tablespoon of honey per liter (roughly 1/4 cup) for about 20 minutes. Rinse, and then follow up with a conditioner. The honey coats each strand and restores its natural pH level, which balances out any free radicals. It’s also full of antioxidants to repair any damage done by harsh chemicals, including bleach and dyes.


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